2019 - Denovali Records

“Glam Tear Stain" is David Norland's first real solo full length. It combines electronic influences, elements of his film scoring work and more intimate, minimalistic piano and string arrangements.
"The music I want to make has changed over time - from imitation baroque pieces as an 11 year old chorister, through guitar pop with my first teenage bands, experimental sonic works with my first rudimentary recording equipment in my early 20s, through electronics, drum and bass, and reggae, leading finally to piano, choral, and string music informed by my film scoring work."
"Glam Tear Stain" is simple melodic and tonal music for for piano and strings, filtered through the electronic, spatial, and experimental lens of Norland's earlier musical endeavors - and on a personal level was made over a time of profound sadness, change, and acceptance. It's more unapologetically emotional than other music in the broad neoclassical field, and often stranger, too, drawing from influences as diverse as Future Sound Of London, Steve Reich, and 16th century English choral music.
"Glam Tear Stain" is the first album of a series of further solo works that David Norland will be releasing via Denovali over the next few years.